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Ayurvedic Treatment In LucknowKerala Ayurveda offers you the best of Ayurvedic treatment in Lucknow and medicinal massages that are highly effective and beneficial. An extremely motivated and committed team of therapists ensure the highest levels of the quality of treatment and medicinal preparations. Our special health and beauty care packages are specifically designed to treat modern day maladies like stress, obesity, weight loss and hair loss.
This therapy is a combination of treatments which are done for the management of scalp. This is a distinct relaxing and detoxifying therapy where herbal oil is massaged all over the body using a special technique applied. The person undergoing the massage is made to lie down and the massage is continued in a synchronized manner from head to toe. This Ayurvedic treatment in Lucknow helps to sooth the muscles, increase the vigor, open up the tissue networks and rejuvenate all the senses.

  • SIRODHARA: Shirodharamassaging is an exemplary Ayurvedic treatment, which include pouring of warm herbal oil on your forehead part in a nonstop stream. Ayurvedic Shirodhara treatment is powerful in advancing sound sleep and reducing pressure.Pouring of warm oils used stimulates and soothes the hypothalamus,accordingly controlling the elements of the pituitary organ gland and sleep. The warm oils utilized for Shirodhara additionally cause vasodilatation of the considerable number of channels and in this manner to improve the blood circulation Shirodhara additionally reduce the degree of stress hormones, for example, Adrenaline and Noradrenaline and in this way loosens up the brain.

  • THAKRA DHARA: Takradhara is another kind of Ayurvedic treatment, which is generally like Shirodhara. Takra implies butter milk. The milk is boiled at the first stageand afterward medicines and afterward curd is included, which is kept medium-term. It is then churned and shirodhara is prepared. During this treatment rather than herbal oil, medicated butter milk is consistently poured to the forehead. The treatment is very much effective to combat migraines problem and other type of specific pitta disorder.It is viewed as cooling and reviving treatment that has significant advantages like improving sensory function, clean the skin, and relive pressure and weakness. The procedure is proceeded with 7 to 21 days. SIROVASTHI:Sirovasthi is a successful treatment in Ayurveda for sensory system issue. It is the term applied to the way toward permitting warm herbal oilon the head for a particular timeframe. A wrap is tied around the patient's head and an open-headed cap is secured.Sirovasthi treatment is prescribed forfacial paralysis,dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, tingling on the head, eye issues, memory loss, a sleeping disorder, infection of cranial nerves and hair fall. It is likewise used to treat anxious issue like hemiplegia, quadriplegia and eye sicknesses because of feeble nerves, spondylitis, and certain other skin issue of the head.

  • SIROPICHU: Siropichu treatment includes keeping a dressing piece or cotton consumed warm medicated,herbal oil over the affected district. The material will be most regularly kept over the headon temple over the foremost fontanelle. The quieted oil for the Ayurvedic treatment is supported depending upon the sicknessof the client. It might moreover be taken after with aan unwinding head and neckrub dependent upon the prosperity condition.It unwinds the brain, enhances memory and fixation. It cures facial paralysis, headache, insomnia, improves memory, dermatitis of the scalp, dandruff, other neurological issue, paralysis and psychosomatic sicknesses.

  • THALAM: Medicated oil or powder mixed with oil or medicated ghee is applied on the head mainly on and around the bregma region and sustained for a particular period of time. This therapy is useful for relieving from anxiety, disorders related to eyes nose and throat. It is found beneficial in insomnia, mental disorders, migraine. It brings about a feeling of wellness. It is even found effective in alleviating hyper tension. It improves memory and concentration. It clears the nasal passage, smoothens the throat and imparts coolness to the body and calms mind. The depression related with modern lifestyle has created many problems and talam is resigned as an ayurveda therapy.


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Ayurvedic Treatment In Lucknow